I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support you have given me and my family. Since losing Dad we have been through a difficult time and you have been there supporting us all the way through.



Thank you so much for the last session – you really have a way of putting things into perspective.


Coping with Bereavement

Coping with bereavement is something that nothing can prepare us for. The loss of a loved one creates a whole range of traumatic emotions known as the ‘Grief Cycle’ and these emotions can be very confusing and overwhelming.
It is a recognised fact that we all go though the emotional cycle and although there is an identified range of feelings, there is not necessarily any set order they occur in or standard length of time each emotion lasts. In fact each sort of reaction can go and re-occur as each person will experience this cycle of emotions in their own unique way.

Whether we have had the opportunity to prepare for our loss or it is sudden there is no easy way to come to terms with our bereavement, after all this is a major life changing trauma. It is of course so important to go through the grief cycle so that you can eventually come out the other side to go forward again- life will never be the same but you can make the best possible future for yourself .

How and when we deal with the emotions is down to the individual and the only right way is the way that is right for you, as is the length of time it takes you to reach the ‘Adjustment Cycle’ which follows the ‘Grief Cycle’.

There is no time limit on the healing process, so whether it is months or years the main thing is to deal with your grief, not to bury it, and to go forward to build the next chapter of your life.

The Grief Cycle

  • Shock/Panic/Disbelief
  • Protest/Anger
  • Pain/ physical symptoms of stress
  • Acrimony/Resentment/Hate
  • Apathy/Despair/Depression
  • Bargaining
  • Guilt
  • Grief

When you have experienced and worked through the grief cycle you will then move on to the Adjustment cycle.

Adjustment Cycle

  • Coping Skills
  • Acceptance and Hope
  • Building New Life and Identity

Bereavement Coaching will help, guide and support through all these stages and emotions. Although you may have family and friends to talk to and grieve with, people often worry about talking through their fears and emotions with them not wishing to ‘burden or make it worse for them’.

As your Bereavement Coach you feel able to tell me anything you wish to say knowing that with my knowledge and experience I will be able to help you move though the grief and forward in a safe and confidential place for you to work through and leave all you concerns, fears and tears.


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